PlugInsights was launched in February, 2013, in Los Angeles, California. It was founded on the principle that the most important fuel for the growth of the plug-in car industry is an true understanding of the experiences, dreams and desires of the people who drive plug-in cars and those who are seriously considering it. We are deeply experienced social scientists, veterans of hundreds of studies, both quantitative and qualitative. But at the core, the thing we do best is listen, reflect, analyze and develop creative marketing recommendations that amplify your voice to the people who count in the plug-in car industry. For more information, contact us at

Recargo, Inc.

PlugInsights is wholly owned by Recargo, Inc., which develops mobile applications for drivers of the next generation of connected automobiles. This includes the Recargo and PlugShare apps for iOS and Android devices , which helps plug-in car drivers find electric vehicle charging stations. Recargo also owns and operates, which employs a team of writers, researchers and industry analysts to report the news and related consumer info about electric-drive vehicles. The site hosts multiple online communities, each gathered around a specific EV or plug-in hybrid. And it provides opportunities for each vehicle-specific community to interact with the other—as a way to form a growing movement of electric drivers. Recargo is privately held and based in Venice, California.