COST:  Does it cost anything?

No. You will never be asked to purchase anything.

WHO QUALIFIES?:  Who is eligible to be a part of the research panel?

A couple different groups. First, anyone who owns a plug-in vehicle. Second, anyone who is seriously considering a plug-in vehicle. We do exclude people who work at research firms, ad agencies, or the auto industry, though.

SWEEPSTAKES:  What are the details behind the sweepstakes giveaways after I fill out a survey?

We like to mix a little fun in with our research. So to keep things interesting, we'll be giving away electronic gift cards every month. In addition to other prizes, each month’s grand prize gift card is worth $100. How does it work? For each study panelists complete, they get one entry into the monthly sweepstakes. At the beginning of each month, we do a random drawing of all the previous month’s entries. We'll send you and email to confirm you're a winner, and we'll post winning names here as well (last name initials only, of course).

Terms and conditions for the current sweepstakes can be found here.

HOW FREQUENT?:  How many surveys will be sent to me every year?

There is no set number of surveys, and we want to be extra careful not to overdo it. We really appreciate that you volunteered to give your thoughts and opinions, and want to keep the experience fun and interesting for you.

MORE THAN SURVEYS?:  Will PlugInsights ever ask me to participate in activities beyond surveys?

Our focus is mainly surveys. But it is possible we may contact you through email with other kinds of invitations in the future. Sometimes a paying client wants an opportunity to do person-to-person research with drivers, such as focus groups, one-on-one interviews, etc. in these cases we would offer compensation for those who wanted to participate. Another thing we do from time to time is identify drivers with specific profiles for journalists, who use the insights for stories. (These types of interviews are non-commercial and not compensated.) Either way, of course, it's always your choice to say “no”, and it never affects your membership in the PlugInsights panel.

UNSUBSCRIBING:  How do I unsubscribe to panel emails?

We try to make this as easy as possible. Make sure you're logged in. Look for your name on the upper left side of the page. See beneath it, where it says "Manage Your Account". Click there, and you'll see a button for unsubscribing. Another way: send an email to from the address where you received your survey invitation. Write “unsubscribe” in the subject line. 

PRIVACY:  How will my email address and personal information, including survey responses be used?

We will never give your email address or personal information to anyone without your permission. By “personal information”, we mean any information that can be traced back to you. All the answers that you make to the surveys or any other questions we might ask is totally anonymous. You don’t have to worry about being spammed. We hate that kind of thing as much as you do. Check out our in-depth privacy policy by clicking here.

CONTACTING US:  Where can I send feedback, suggestions, or questions to PlugInsights?

If you get stuck or have a problem, shoot an email to If you have feedback, suggestions, or questions, use the email address: We’ll add to these FAQs based on the questions you ask.

COMMUNITY:  Will you be developing community features, like forums?

People who own or are considering plug-in cars really benefit from interacting with people with the same interests. You’re a small group of people (at the moment!) and it’s not always so easy to connect with each other offline. For that reason, we’re actively exploring the creation of community features as a part of this site. No announcements, yet, but you’ll be the first to know! Stay tuned.