You're in the news!

Your opinions have been featured in a wide spectrum of news publications over the last year. Here's just a few of the dozens of articles in which PlugInsights was featured.

Chicago Tribune

"Study of Electric Vehicle Owners Finds Long Way to go on Range Anxiety"

San Francisco Chronicle

"Most Electric Vehicle Drivers Charge Them at Home"

Fast Company

"Faster Public Charging Is Key To Getting More Electric Vehicles On The Road"

Peninsula Press

"Electric Vehicle Owners Get Charged Up Over Poor Manners at the Pump"

Triple Pundit

"PlugInsights Says More Fast Chargers Will Alleviate EV Range Anxiety"

"Electric Car Drivers Report Impact from Extreme Cold"

PlugInsights journeys from Mexico to Canada in an EV:

In November, 2013, PlugInsight’s Managing Director, Norman Hajjar, made a historic journey from Mexico to Canada and then back to his home in Thousand Oaks, CA in a Tesla Model S, using free Tesla Superchargers all the way. A total of 3121 miles. His question and answer session about the journey made the front page of social networking site (the 25th most visited site on the Internet). See the Reddit post here." And click here to see Norman’s Flickr page with photos of the epic journey.